Sugar on the Bee/You’re Gorgeous


Photo Prompt copyright Ted Strutz

My subject poses on the car, bare chested, legs twin denim arches, a beer in his hand. He sips and swallows and stares at me.
I tremble from a heat of something I must conceal or at least play gauzed, like an actor as a ghost.
His beauty panics me. I’m clumsy with the lens. I snatch at misremembered words–a book of verses underneath night sky, a jug of wine, a loaf of bread and thee beside me in our private paradise.
What I want to say will stay behind my eyes. Like many truths it’s too high risk.




40 thoughts on “Sugar on the Bee/You’re Gorgeous

  1. She needs to create some professional distance.

    I remember my freshman year in Uni (the first time I was an undergrad) and taking a beginning Art class. I was all of 18 years old and when the rather attractive model strode in, I was ready to sketch. Then she took all of her clothes off and my brain froze, but fortunately only for about thirty seconds. Then I mentally switched gears and sketched the form in front of me and not the woman.

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  2. Good story! The heat and the tension radiates out of your writing.

    I heard “You’re Gorgeous” by Babybird on the radio the other day. Was it your intent to tell the story of that song told from the point of view of the photographer or is it coincidence? I like it either way!


    1. I wrote the story and needed a title. Then the Babybird song popped into my head and I played it and it fitted. I would have loved to post the song with my story like some people do but I haven’t cracked how to do that yet. Thank you for your thoughtful message. Like you, I always loved that song.

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