Darling, Can We Talk?


Photo prompt copyright Fatima Fakier Deria

The discussion has to be before 9 a.m. because that way Lisa won’t be on her second gin. Lisa is not a bad person. Even Queen Victoria drank alcohol with breakfast.

Ben hides in his tiny shed while he rehearses what to say.

“Darling, don’t be angry, but white cast iron is a bit last century. Didn’t we decide on rustic?”

This conversation must take place in the garden. Within earshot of next door. They were inside the house when Ben commented on Lisa’s removal of his big shed. The stitches are out but he still has visible bruising.




69 thoughts on “Darling, Can We Talk?

  1. Feel so terrible for Ben.
    People like Lisa, however, don’t realize that they need help. I hope Ben is able to trick her into it, at least.
    Wonderfully told story, Jilly.

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  2. Hi Jilly,
    I’m pleased to see you had a male victim of domestic violence, because it does happen and they can feel too embarrassed to speak out.
    Unfortunately in these situations, relationships are often very complex and not everyone wants to give up on their relationship/marriage and perhaps sees a glimmer of hope. If only she got treatment…If only things were like they used to be… While divorce is common, not everyone believes in it. Or, won’t act until it’s life threatening. Or, it’s too late. Usually, people blame the victim for this, but people and relationships are much more complex. Also, if he knows there are underlying reasons for her drinking and that she perhaps was a victim herself, it would also make him more likely to stand by.
    You have built a complex and very credible scenario here, Jilly. Well done!
    xx Rowena

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    1. Thank you, Rowena. You’re right. And the worst thing in such circumstances is hope because it keeps the person hanging on in there when they should really cut and run. But you’re also looking at the further motivation of someone who is abusive because of drinking. That must happen to dull some kind of pain.

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  3. Certainly, Dale. Most people don’t ever experience such drama and tension in their lives and they certainly don’t expect it when they promise to love, honour etc. Domestic abuse of men has been discussed several times on the radio phone in station I listen to and I was shocked and amazed by how common it is.


  4. Oh no, I think he needs to choose his arguments. Rather than worrying about rustic vs. last century, he should pick furniture for his new bachelor pad. She’s bad news!


    1. Let’s hope he does in time. Trouble is that first he has to face up to what a weak and damaged person Lisa is. She is the only one who can heal herself. Thank you for your great comments.


  5. Even in the first paragraph he’s making excuses for her. I think that’s pretty typical of victims. It sounds like this time, he’d like to have some witnesses, or perhaps thinks that she won’t become violent if she thinks the neighbors might be listening. Although, I doubt that even enter her consciousness.

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    1. The excuses made by the victim are what permits the tragedy to continue. As you rightly say, Russell, this is typical. Ben desperately uses the neighbours’ as protection but like you I would doubt that Lisa would give them a single thought.

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    1. Thank you so much. I only discovered how prevalent it is by listening to a radio phone in last year. I felt that the men who phoned were very courageous as it must have been extremely difficult for them to “go public”. Happily most had escaped the misery and moved on.

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  6. Gin for breakfast, Lisa must surely be a woman of stern temperament. Poor Ben is terrified hiding in his little shed after his big shed is removed. My advice to Ben is, build a brick shed and lock Lisa in there.

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