Sugar on the Bee-But It Is Art!


Photo Prompt © Yarnspinner


The woman gazed around the workshop. “I adore that piece up there,” she said. “Its bent blades protest against every offence against womankind.”

“You mean our ceiling fan?” said Joe. “It’s broke.”

“Oh, and I adore that cool wood artefact. The way it just appears in the wall.”

“The toilet door?” said Joe. “I wouldn’t go in there if I was you.”

“Door? Nonsense. It’s clearly the artist’s representation of man as a stained intractable rectangle. Note the genius positioning of the phallus.”

“The doorknob?” said Joe. “Sorry, who are you?”

“They call me the bad girl of British art.”


We are grateful to Rochelle Wisoff-Fields who hosts a weekly flash fiction challenge to write a complete story, based on a photo prompt.

100 words or less.

Post it on your blog, and include the Photoprompt and Inlinkz (the blue frog) on your page. Link your story URL. Then it gets really enjoyable as you read other peoples’ stories and comment on them!


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