Blind Date in the Desert

 Photo prompt copyright Jill Wisoff

Blind Date in the Desert


It was a long, dusty road from his crops and his soft-coated cattle and the sweating girls with sun-bleached hair and broken nails. He was kind of missing all that but the talk on line had been good enough to kick him into action.

He got there around sundown. Everywhere candy-coloured lights glowed and glittered and flashed. They reminded him of them sweets that made his little brothers crazy.

He walked towards a pyramid. She was waiting. He took his hands out of his pockets.

“Vegas Girl?”

“Country Boy?”

She leaned into him. Kissed him.

City lights sparked and crackled in the grass.




42 thoughts on “Blind Date in the Desert

    1. Thank you very much, Susan. I too like a bit of a romance sometimes. It’s very interesting the way this writing of snippets brings out unexpected ideas. Best wishes, Jilly.


    1. Thank you very much indeed, Tracey, you made my day. And you made me laugh with your “partiality” to cowboys. I can relate to that! Let’s hope love lasts for these two. I have an idea it will. Best wishes, Jilly.


  1. I want to be optimistic for them! They do say that opposites attract. I hope they don’t have a massive argument about where they’re going to live. Ooh, look at me being so negative after such a lovely story 🙂

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  2. Hello draliman, thank you so much for your comments. I like stories where love crosses boundaries and I could just see them there, having that moment where, wow, it really was worth meeting. Love will rule in this one, Best wishes, Jilly


  3. What a great scene (or scenes). The way his thoughts go, the descriptions, wonderful. And even if they aren’t compatible in the long run, that experience sure was worth the adventure. Lovely writing.

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  4. Hello Fatima, good to hear from you again 🙂 Yes, they are their chat names. I loved the idea of instant attraction in Vegas. Could be a fling they will both treasure for life or they may end up telling their grandchildren.

    Best wishes,



    1. My daughter married in the Little Chapel of the Flowers. The minister was wonderful, family-minded and really brought a terrific sense of occasion. But I think I have to agree that my fellow would be better off with the sun-bleached gals with the broken nails … Thanks so much for your comments, Bjorn.


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