Sugar on the Bee-Some Of Your Loving

Some Of Your Loving

Photo prompt courtesy of Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Dusty Springfield’s voice floats from the CD player you gave me. Seems like Dusty’s feeling needy. Me too. Dusty’s in heaven now. Maybe they don’t care so much about getting good loving up there but down here I damn well do. I fight the impulse to get off our lonely grave of a bed and go in that room of yours. I so lose the battle.
I’ll start with the stringed instruments. Easy to send forever out of tune. Then I’ll spill hot coffee everywhere and scissor the life out of any cable I believe is important to you.



65 thoughts on “Sugar on the Bee-Some Of Your Loving

    1. Mine too, a great favourite and we are so lucky to still have her wonderfully heartfelt voice, thanks to recordings. My top song of hers is “Goin’ Back” but fundamentally, right up to and including her work with The Pet Shop Boys, she was perfect. Thank you for telling me I made you laugh and for your kind comment regarding voice, that is all a real pleasure to receive.


  1. I’ll have to agree with everyone here, Jilly. Great turns of phrase! And no… methinks she is not getting the loving she needs… and I guess from her reaction, it’s been a bit too long since!

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  2. I must say I was imagining she’d been temporarily deserted by her lover who is out there somewhere enjoying himself with someone new. The moral of the story for the boyfriend therefore is (a) lock your music room and (b) don’t let your girl listen to Dusty Springfield songs when you’re not around to keep her happy.

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  3. Loved the image of the “lonely grave of a bed,” and then it turned from sorrow to rage, as such things often do. He is not only a giver of bad love, but a maker of poor decisions, having broken her heart and then left her access to his precious instruments. That’s a decision he’ll soon regret, ha ha!

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  4. Oooh! I felt the seething anger “Then I’ll spill hot coffee everywhere and scissor the life out of any cable I believe is important to you.” Oh, sweet, sweet, icy cold revenge. I love it, Jilly!


  5. Amazing how the sense of loss I felt went from sadness (thinking her partner had died) to “You go, girl.” I think we’ve all had that urge at once in our lives, even if we didn’t go through with it. That’s the joy of fiction. 🙂

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  6. Yes, the loss of an important relationship can make a person very destructive. I remember a woman in the news years ago who delivered all her husband’s fine wines around the neighbourhood like a milkman! Thank you for your insightful comments, Lynn.


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