Waiting For This Moment


100 words for Friday Fictioneers

Photo copyright Dale Rogerson

Liverpool 1962. Great group playing in Cavern Club but Susan says cellar cramped so we leave.

Liverpool 2000. Help a woman called Juliana find her car.

Leeds 2013. Feel ill at work.

Leeds 2014. Specialist gives me all clear. Susan tells me she needs space. Nothing happens.

Liverpool 2015. Susan doesn’t like Beatles statues. Someone’s suspended coloured umbrellas nearby. She doesn’t like those either. I go on to Facebook.

Leeds 2016. I dream I find Juliana at the statues. John Lennon winks and says “C’mon.” We all stride away from the Pier Head and I kiss Juliana, under the umbrellas.


74 thoughts on “Waiting For This Moment

  1. Your story draws Susan as a person of definite dislikes, and I can see how that could irritate your main narrator. But there must be more to their relationship than that because the couple have been together for over fifty years. He still needs her, he still feeds her…even though they’re both past 64! The memory of Juliana is one of life’s magnificent unattainables.

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    1. I don’t understand people like Susan. They seem joyless to me. Juliana, of course, is really an unknown quantity, but she’s real in his dreams. Thank you very much, Anshu, for your great comments.


    1. In July I saw the umbrellas in Liverpool and, of course, the fabulous statues at The Pier Head which really do look as though they could just walk away. It seemed to me that Liverpool constantly celebrates its famous citizens past and present and I found that inspiring along with Dale’s terrific picture. Than you for your comments, Keith.

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    1. I think we’ve all probably left somewhere because someone else wanted to leave, and it sticks in the memory – and in this instance it certainly should have flashed up a warning sign to him. I went to the Cavern Club and the Pier Head for the first time in July and just loved everything about Liverpool. Busy, smart, beautiful and not-so-beautiful in turns, and a whole bunch of really nice people. Thank you for commenting.

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    1. I know – I am the same generation. In my opinion the great thing is what we have been privileged to live through and the changes we have managed to keep up with ourselves.We began with a pencil and paper then came endless typewriters, electric typewriters, electronic typewriters, the terrifying WANG screen and its box of tricks (but where does the paper come out?) and a whole roomful of computer hardware, any number of word processing programmes and now Windows 365 and a net little HP Envy 🙂 I can slip in my bag. I won’t even talk about phones! And we live all this to a soundtrack of terrific music.

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  2. Thank you, Jennifer, for your kind comments. I found Liverpool an inspiration and met some of the nicest people. I love the way the city honours its own and shows such pride in what has been achieved.


  3. I really liked the way you did this! It was so creative. With only little defining moments, I filled in the gaps with my imagination. I know a lot of people like Susan, I’m glad that he had the courage to grab what he wanted in life- someone happy and positive. I think everyone deserves someone that will make them happy 🙂


  4. Susan sounds like trouble. She makes the protagonist miss the Fab Four and then complains about the umbrellas and statues. It’s to bad the Lennon incident couldn’t really have happened. Is the name Juliana a coincidence, or was she connected to Lennon?

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  5. I think I know a couple of Susans 🙂 I chose the name because I know someone called Juliana who is a lovely warm person, nothing like Susan then a FF pointed out that John Lennon’s son is Julian.


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