Death Has No Imagination

Death Has No Imagination

100 words for Friday Fictioneers
Photoprompt © Priorhouse

When Death comes I may not be there
I like to think I am not the best patron
at the dark restaurant of cholesterol

Death has no imagination, so he will sigh,
and search for me in the wrong places
He’ll hang around a mountain. Perch atop a tall building

He’ll kayak, cave-dive, and hairpin at Le Mans
He’ll merge with bawling boneheads on a bull run
He’ll manifest, scythe inside his cloak, on a really unwise off-piste slope

But I’ll surprise him

I’ll grab his bony hand and whisper,
you found me on the dance floor, Reaperman
Last waltz?


69 thoughts on “Death Has No Imagination

  1. Dear Jilly,

    Hotel of Cholesterol…love that. Some of us dig our graves with our teeth, don’t we? Lovely…wonderful…imaginative…meeting death on the dance floor. I agree with all of the comments and toss my own in the arena. Brava!



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      1. The endorphins released when exercising or dancing can be a wonderful source of positivity. I used to dance 6 – 7 hours a day and never felt tired or had a negative thought. It should be a part of all of our lives for as long as we can manage to do it. I still cut-a-rug as they used to say way back when. No shame in having a good time too. I always enjoy your takes on the FF prompts.
        Isadora 😎

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  2. You cannot imagine how much that means to me – thank you for your wonderful compliment and be assured it has worked a bit of magic on my mood today, and that was was badly needed. I now go about the rest of the day with your kindest of words, to spur me on.


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