Explanation of an Installation

Jonathan's Installation

100 words for Friday Fictioneers
Photoprompt © Sandra Crook

When my brother’s not talking in riddles or pulling labels off bean cans, he devises what he calls installations.
Today’s motley is, according to him, Tate Modern with a splash of wry humour.
“But what is it?” I ask.
He minutely adjusts the position of a dirty spiky bone.
“It’s a nature table,” he replies. “Says so on the label. Can’t you read?”
“But it isn’t, is it? I want to know what it really is.”
“I’m telling you. It’s a nature table. Look at it. Rough. Coarse. Spiteful.”
I kick his shin. “So?” I say.
“It’s your nature, bitch.”


69 thoughts on “Explanation of an Installation

    1. Yes, somebody tries to interfere and that’s a total game changer. Thanks for commenting, Dale, and I hope you are back under those gamps again, this time with someone who can tell the time!


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