He’s Wandering Lonely As A Cloud This Week


Willy from Windmere

100 words for Friday Fictioneers
Photograph ©Dale Rogerson

The good news is I am still avoiding the Grim Reaper
As I write I am comfortably caffeined in a Parisian coffee house
while GR has taken the train to the Lake District

He really does make work for himself,
still searching for me in a zillion wrong places
He hangs around a lot of mountains. This week’s is Skiddaw

He may well wish I’d been born in a different era
when Willy from Cockermouth was wandering about, overtalking his sister
Willy never said a single word where two hundred would do

That could have successfully bored me to death



55 thoughts on “He’s Wandering Lonely As A Cloud This Week

  1. Dear Jilly,

    My favorite line, “Willy never said a single word where two hundred would do.” This says so much. I used to say my cousin Andy could stuff a 15 minute speech into 45. 😉 Love this piece. Well done.



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  2. I liked this casual letter to an acquaintance, with its allusion to what miserable people great artists like Words worth can sometimes be. If he chats like he writes I can see this being so and I would prefer a different William–Blake (Tiger Tiger burning bright…).
    i totally missed that GR meant grim reaper, so I went off on a wild goose chase to figure out who it could be. Parisian cafes always say “Hemmingway” to me, so i thought of his cohort: picasso and fitzgerald and gertrude stein and imagined one of them was writing, too ( though of course all of these are from a later generation than Wordsworth, I think! All i know is it couldnt be gertrude stein either, cause she is the queen of the 100-word sentence!
    Thanks for the ride!

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    1. Thank you for your great comments. I believe Dorothy Wordsworth was a fine poet but rather overtaken by her brother so I could imagine him over-talking her too. Thank you for reminding me of the Paris-Hemingway connection. I must try to give the great man a story soon.

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