Where Did My Little Girl Go? – One A Week 2020

Where Did My Little Girl Go?

I have this dream sometimes
in which I watch, helpless, as your balloon takes flight
We run together, passing pier after pier
But you cannot catch the balloon and nor can I

As the eternal waters of Puget Sound
washed your treasure into the Pacific,
you became a stowaway
and I a fugitive
and ever since I confess escape
to heat-waved innocence, when you danced
off-the-head with toddler joy,
morning-mown grass clinging to your afternoon skirt

Lately I have succumbed to the inevitable
The fragility, as hopeless as that floating, free balloon
I understand what conjures up this sleight of transformation
I forgive the ticking thief that took you,
hid you where I cannot find you,
except in dreams

2 thoughts on “Where Did My Little Girl Go? – One A Week 2020

  1. This is so beautiful, Jilly. Watching our kids grow up and no longer “need” us and, if we did a good job, moving forward and creating their own lives, is so hard… Mind you, with them in. the. house. all. day. long…. I’m starting to dream of them moving out!

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  2. Thank you so much, Dale. I remember the UK broadcaster and devoted dad Jonathan Ross saying one day “where do they go?” and it stuck with me. Yet of course we want our children to grow up hale and hearty and make their own lives. And yes, yes – in the house together all day long is a big ask – but I am sure you do a great job AND you always write every week and your smiles comes through in your writing.


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