When Death Comes I Will Not Be Here – One a Week 2020

Death came to collect me in 2008 and I was most put out
Antisocial git, I told him, you get lost

I decided there and then,
when death comes back, I will not be here

I plan to be in Menorca
Soaking sun, sea and sangria
So he’ll just have to wait

I may be home for Christmas
when I may save him a house call
by contracting salmonella

However, there is a possibility
my homeward flight will be delayed
and diverted to Seattle

Death has no imagination
He will wait and search for me
He’ll hang around the Space Needle

By then I’ll be in California,
boarding a flight for home
He will board with me, of course

like an unwelcome date
but really quite stunning
in that sexy hooded cloak of his

He’ll think he’s on my time, silly reaperman
but I will make his job impossible
I will simply fly away

2 thoughts on “When Death Comes I Will Not Be Here – One a Week 2020

  1. Thank you, Dale. Worth a try, eh? I’m a week behind with my poems so there will be another post on Thursday to catch up. I always look forward to your comments, Dale, so very much appreciated.


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