Charles Trenet Version

100 words for Friday Fictioneers

Good morning, Friday Fictioneers, (right now it’s ten a.m. in Hampshire, England), such a pleasure to be back and posting again – having completed what I call a solid first draft of my book, working title “If You Want To Know A Secret”. I am now attempting a disciplined edit of two chapters a day – I am just two chapters in so far. There is still plenty of work to do but I love it, and the way it is means I can get on to Friday Fictioneers today. So thank you, Rochelle Wisoff-Fields for still being there and doing your great work. Last evening I watched a TV documentary about three girls who were kidnapped from their mother in Wales, and taken to Yemen, twenty-plus years ago. Their ordeal, and that of their mother, inspired this story.

100 words for Friday Fictioneers

Photoprompt ©C E Ayr

I know I saw my sister. Vernon told me I imagined her, of course. But he and I were on the street, the little winding part with the candy store, and when I looked up at the window, my sister was there and I read our code. “I’m playing Beyond the Sea,” she mouthed. “Charles Trenet version.” She never went for Bobby Darin so chose Charles Trenet as our “Love you” message. Vernon held my arm tight. Said the windows weren’t really there. The whole place was fake. But that moment was real. Everything else is just a bad dream.

26 thoughts on “Charles Trenet Version

  1. Thank you, Liz. The three girls did reunite with their mother, and in a war torn country too – nothing was going to stop their mother going out to them. Tragically her eldest daughter later died. Throughout the documentary the stoical bravery and determination of the mother was what shone out. I found the documentary on BBC iplayer “Kidnapped by my father”.


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