Hot Cheese Toasties Post-Recovery

Copyright Rochelle Wisoff-Fields

Interestingly, while the heart may be a lonely hunter it’s also a darned good healer. Only the other night I was brushing on an extra coat of midnight black mascara when I realised I hadn’t thought about you in years.

The me who’d stalked you on Facebook was gone.

Now tonight you show up, typically unannounced, and on Christmas Eve. Saying she’s finally left you. I know I prepared myriad responses for that unlikely news flash but I can’t remember why and anyhow you simply don’t fit anymore. You’ve lost out to hot cheese toasties and sherry and watching Elf.

30 thoughts on “Hot Cheese Toasties Post-Recovery

  1. Don’t you just love how time plays with our memories of who we were back then? And how funny are they who think we are waiting for them when they finally choose us? Pffft. Pop in a couple of toasties for me. We’ll drink our Sherry and toast the ones who don’t deserve us!

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