You Wouldn’t Believe It!

©Na’ama Yehuda

As soon as I could make a call, I phoned Saffy to say I’d arrived in beautiful Cyprus. Penthouse suite, marble furniture, chilled champagne stuffed in a bucketload of ice. The aroma of kleftiko floating from a trolley, steered into my suite by a tanned and handsome young waiter.

Saffy wasn’t interested.

She said if I hadn’t yet again decided to help myself to jewellery for sale in several London stores, I actually could have been in Cyprus – instead of jail. Of course, she then quoted my ex. Her boring father. “If you do the crime, you do the time.”

40 thoughts on “You Wouldn’t Believe It!

  1. How ironic that the aroma of kleftiko is what she “smells” – lamb stolen! You are so witty and clever, Jilly.
    Your MC just made the mistake of getting caught, is all. Saffy sucks. 😉

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    1. Dale, I have to confess! I chose the dish because the word sounded like kleptomaniac but your cuisine knowledge is priceless – that’s why I always enjoy your food-based posts so much. Thanks to you, I now know why the dish I chose sounded so similar to the word I had in my head! Time to also admit it was originally going to be lobster but I dropped that because I didn’t trust the strength of the aroma. I agree Saffy sucks! Thank you so much for your great comments.

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      1. I love that you did and it basically is based on kleptomaniac! I love that you are so clever (I googled it. Ain’t that smart!!)
        I’m glad you dropped the lobster and kept the lamb 😉 She does. And I bet she is just pissed because she would have been joining your MC in Cyprus…

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  2. Oh the eternal optimism of a klepto. She probably believes it is true even as she spins it. Sounds like the daughter has taken over the parental role from her mom. Nicely textured story, Jilly.

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  3. Very smoothly done. Her fantasy world seems so real I think she might just be able to stay there for the duration of her sentence. Great dynamics between mother and daughter too. Good one.


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