When Will We Four Meet Again?

Copyright Dale Rogerson

Soon after this picture came into my inbox yesterday, I watched a production of “Half a Sixpence” on Sky Arts. The sheer joy on the faces of the cast as the audience applauded their wonderful performances was a sharp reminder of dark theatres and empty auditoriums and actors with no boards available for them to tread. Since they must rank among the best of teamworkers, I was certain the three in the picture were actors. The fourth in the title is me. So I wrote this story.

I love this picture because a casual glance suggests three people sharing the carriage of a festive tree.

But wait!

The Lead is gently intoning “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?” while Second Lead is tapdancing. Look at the angle of the foot! Best of all, Red Coat is reprising “Hold it flash bang wallop” – ready to stop the show when it reopens, please God.

These people adapt like no others. Today they share the hauling of a tree but come tomorrow they’ll cover us in spangled stardust once again. Don’t know about you, but I can’t wait.

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