It’s All Good Just Leave Her To It

Photoprompt copyright Brenda Cox

Okay, Mylie’s my kid but to me her painting ain’t all that, know what I mean? I wish she’d paint flowers and trees and pretty stuff like the others but she doesn’t, she paints human skeletons mostly. What’s all that about? Honestly, what can I do though? She lost her job at the bakery because all she done all day was twist the dough into skeletons though on the upside they was very – I want to say lifelike, but that’s ridiculous. The doctor says it’s all good, just leave her to it. Easy for him. She’s not his kid.

40 thoughts on “It’s All Good Just Leave Her To It

  1. I’m thinking it would be rather disconcerting to a parent with such a child. When they can’t help but wonder if there is something dark behind their child’s art. As parents, we so want to understand.
    Love the way you wrote this, Jilly.

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  2. Dear Jilly,

    Love the voice in this. As a parent who had a child who did a lot of dark art in his teens, I understand her concern. Taking her skeleton obsession to her job is a tad extreme, although I think she’d sell a lot of bread at Halloween. 😉 Well done.



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    1. Thank you very much, Rochelle. Around your son’s age I used to devour paperback horror stories, absolutely loved them. Now I am a lot more squeamish but I do love the idea of Halloween skeletons


  3. I loved the voice you chose, and maintained successfully throughout. I also really liked the way you portrayed the mother’s concern – feeling intuitively that something’s wrong, seeking professional help, reassured and yet perturbed by the doctor’s assessment. It’s pitch perfect, Jilly – a really good piece of writing.

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