He Says Stratocumulus

100 words for Friday Fictioneers
Photoprompt © Bradley Harris

I love you – though you are wrong. They’re definitely not stratocumulus clouds, but I get that you have to keep up your reputation as an argumentative bloody know all. After our parents brought you home and shattered my peaceful world, Dad’s mantra was “Your brother can start a fight in an empty room.” Bro, shut up already! I do know I’m talking present tense. Like Dylan wrote, tomorrow’s a long time. Fact is, it’s going to be the twelfth of never before I can talk about you in past tense.

43 thoughts on “He Says Stratocumulus

  1. Dear Jilly,

    I love “he could start a fight in an empty room.” Brothers can be so annoying. I have only one sibling and we fought all the time growing up. I’m the little sister who shattered his world. 😉 Can’t imagine life without him. Good story.



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    1. Thank you, Rochelle, your comments are much appreciated. I cannot claim the empty room/fight saying but I love it too and I also love that you were the little sister who shattered your indispensable big brother’s world. An enviably rich relationship for sure.


  2. This is a lovely little story, Jilly. You’ve caught the underlying love between brother and sister, which survives even though they know exactly which buttons to press to start a fight.


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